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Buying real estate in Panama is becoming a hot option for investors from around the world. In fact, the economist intelligence unit states that Panama is:

“ the midst of an unprecedented explosion” (October 25th, 2006)

It is becoming very obvious that there is enormous growth and potential for buying and investing real estate in Panama. Whether you are looking to buy real estate in Panama: for a promising investment opportunity; or for a comfortable lifestyle at a reasonable price – Panama can provide you with a variety of options for your real estate needs.

In fact, the options for real estate in Panama are so numerous that they can be a bit overwhelming. Real estate in Panama is growing very quickly and there are many types of real estate options available. You can buy condos, apartments buildings, homes, cabins, or property; in the mountains, on a beach, on an island, in the forest, or in the city. The options are unlimited! Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start looking.

Now is the time to be buying real estate in Panama, so there is not a lot of time to be doing the time consuming research on your own. For this reason, we will soon be providing up-to-date seminars to answer all your Panama real estate questions.

Naturally, many people have a multitude of questions even before they begin looking for real estate. For example, in Panama many investors ask questions such as: What type of real estate is available? Where are the real estate hot spots? What are the legal requirements for buying real estate in Panama? How much have other people paid for similar types of real estate in Panama? What is it like to live in Panama? Are there many expatriates living in Panama? And so on.

Our seminars will provide answers to many of these questions as well as other comprehensive, useful and realistic information on buying real estate in Panama. Speakers will include Panama real estate experts as well as expatriates that have bought real estate in Panama for investment or living purposes. The seminars will also be designed with a flexible format to allow conversation and question time with the audience.

Seminars will also include other valuable information, on other topics such as Panama visas, retirement in Panama, health care in Panama, and living in Panama. We will also provide you with information about the other real estate services we and others provide.

Please click here for further information about scheduling, venue and costs. Or contact us for further information and bookings. We hope to see you soon!

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