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There is a wide variety of options for investing in real estate in Panama. In fact so many options, that sometimes in can be difficult to make a decision especially from afar. So, often the best way to choose a real estate investment is to visit an area yourself. However, sometimes the logistics of organizing this type of trip can be overwhelming, especially if you have never visited Panama, if you have little time, or like most others - just simply unsure where to start. To help you overcome many of these logistical details, we provide quality Panama real estate tours that offer comfort and ease in helping you explore your real estate investment options in Panama.

It is easy and relatively inexpensive to fly to Panama. There are regular flights to Panama city from major US, Canadian and many European cities. Once you arrive in Panama, as part of your Panama real estate tour you will be welcomed at the Panama Tocumen airport by one of our friendly representatives, and then driven to a comfortable hotel in the city.

While you are in the city you will have the choice to attend a real estate seminar that will provide you with background information on real estate in Panama and other useful information, such as offshore investment, visas, retirement in Panama, health care options, legal processes and other information. You will also be taken on a tour of the city to get an understanding of the importance of Panama city in international economics and trade – and to also get a feel for its cosmopolitan and lively atmosphere.

After exploring the city on your Panama real estate tour, you then have the unique opportunity to travel with us to other parts of the country to visit a variety of different types of regions the country has to offer. Whether you are interested in beach, island, mountain, forest real estate, you can choose a Panama real estate tour with us to cater to your interests and needs. In these regions your will have the opportunity to tour real estate investment options from vistas, cabins, condos, houses and property/land. Please click here for further information on the type of real estate tours available.

We hope to be seeing you on one of our Panama real estate tours soon. Please contact us for further information or for booking details.

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