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Recently, Panama has been recognized as one of the most favored choices for health tourism. In Panama, you have plenty of things to do and see. The place has an astounding range of comfortable Panama based hotels, resorts and spas both for you to afford and enjoy.

For those used to an amount of comfort while on the move can choose from Panama hotels like the Tropic Star Lodge, Davis Suites at the Panama Canal and the Versalles Hotel. These are some of the most preferable accommodation choices you come to enjoy and experience outside the Panama City.

Panama, as the capital city of the country has a range of stylish and luxurious 4 and 5-star hotels like Bristol, Crowne Plaza and Caesar Park. These hotels in Panama are situated close to the business quarters and are well equipped with all sorts of conveniences even capable of satisfying the most fussy corporate. In addition to these, when you feel drained out after a hard day’s work, you can make the best use of your stay in these Panama hotels by allowing yourselves to have a taste of the nightlife / entertainment options of the city. Moreover, you have the Lonely Planet recommended Ambassador Suites and the Las Vegas Hotel to see to your need during your stay in Panama.

To add on to this, Panama has on offer accommodation options that span the entire extent from hotels where luxury is the buzzword to places where you have only the elementary amenities. In Panama, you have both, hotels for corporate travelers as well as for family holders. Apart from this enviable package, there are hotels specialized in particular activities as also the eclectically theme-based ones. To complete the coup you have lodges and cabins that are tucked away in the pristine boondocks of the land and places that provide superior spa treatments, sports, and leisure services for the whole family.

People love to stay in Panama primarily because of its exotic location. Thus you have the Bambito Hotel, Panama’s sole mountain resort, that provides the best in sports activities with riding, trout fishing, cloud forest hikes, rafting and the like, not to mention to the comfortable rooms and appetizing dishes.

Are you looking for an extraordinary holiday trip in Panama with your family and kids? It won’t be a problem with the Camping Resort Hotel in the city. In Panama, your kids will never get a chance to sit idle for they have lots to enjoy like water-slides and go-carts, to indulge in and have a whale of a time. Seeped in history and culture, Panama is also a nature lover’s paradise. To make your stay more pleasurable there are several forest resorts (like the Gamboa Rainforest Resort), and of course, the Al Natural Eco lodge, deemed as one of the best Eco lodges in the world.

Now is the time for you to look forward to a wonderful vacation in exotic Panama where hotels are offering all types of facilities drenched in true hospitality. As you set your feet in Panama, everything you come across seem very special and distinctively royal.

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