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Cosmetic, and other Eye Surgery In Panama

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Cosmetic eye surgery has come a long way with the passage of time. In the present time, there is no lack of ophthalmic clinics all round the world. But if it has to be the top ones then the ophthalmic clinics in Panama are worth mentioning. Your eyes need care and sometimes curing and it is just what Panama has to offer.

The Common Most Eye-Surgeries are:

•  Cataract Surgery
•  Corneal Surgery
•  Refractive Surgery (this includes LASIK)
•  Eye muscle Surgery
•  Glaucoma Surgery
•  Oculoplastic Surgery
•  Vitreo-retinal Surgery

Let’s find out more about Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Cosmetic eye surgery for the above said crises is done on the upper and lower eyelids with help of lasers. The laser beams are a great help in quickly sealing the blood vessels offering a better view of the organ to the surgeon. So the cosmetic eye surgery can be done with precision. You don’t have to suffer that much of postoperative swelling after a laser surgery as you have to in a conventional eye surgery. The swellings cave in within 24 to 48 hours with ice compresses. Another fine thing in a laser eye surgery is lesser bruises, scars and discoloration. Another cosmetic eyelid plastic surgery to correct droopy eyelids is Ptosis.

To make the age-related changes of the eye take a reverse gear and to improve facial features, Blepharoplasty is done on eyelids. In this cosmetic eye surgery, incisions are made using laser beams. This operation removes the fat bags from under the eyes, trims the muscles and waste skins in the eyelids, and erases wrinkles from lower eyelids. The incisions are closed with small sutures. These sutures are removed after four or five days. This is a quick outpatient operation and patients are released immediately after this cosmetic eye surgery.

Why come to to Panama?

Panama is not only gifted with scenic beauty and tourist friendly people it has also become a top present-day health care center. The clinics of Panama are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies in ophthalmology and are medical havens for medical or cosmetic eye surgery. Well trained and patient friendly doctors and medical people, most of whom are fluent in English will make your eye surgery or cosmetic eye surgery experience more comfortable.

You will never regret coming to Panama because it has so much to offer.
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