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Your teeth are troubling you? Feel like ripping them off? Then you might need a dental surgery to sort things out. And don’t think your friend is out of his wits when he suggests getting the dental surgery done in Panama. He is sure to be one of the legions of satisfied customers who have discovered the top-notch cosmetic dental surgery services that are offered here. No wonder, Panama has gained recognition as the place to go for an overseas surgery.

Why Panama is the Best For Dental Surgery?

The reasons for getting your dental surgery done in Panama are numerous, like:

Most of the practicing dental surgeons in Panama are comfortable with English
Panama has excellent arrangements for diagnosis, testing and services.
Most of the doctors have received training in USA
It costs far less to have your surgery done in Panama than in USA or any other Western country
US dollar is acceptable here
Your postoperative care is complimented by visits to the pristine beaches and virgin forests of Panama.

The Types of Dental Surgeries That Are Done In Panama

A "simple" Tooth extraction is an example of dental surgery in Panama. However, extractions can be both simple and complicated. For a simple one, a dentist can gently remove the teeth with local anesthesia. On the other hand, in complicate cases the dentist goes for special surgical treatments like making an incision into the gum to get to the tooth. Such dental gum surgeries cost far more in US and other European countries.

Tooth implantation is another popular dental surgery and the dentists in Panama have garnered mastery in this matter.

Other types of dental surgeries that are done inPanama

For fitting braces on extremely uneven teeth surfaces – This is mainly done for correcting or improving the dental setting
For fitting permanent dentures
For root canal treatment
Repair and dental gum surgery
Cosmetic dental surgery
Preparation for bridges or prosthetics

The reasons may vary but the goal is the same – an overseas surgery for a sound dental condition at reasonable costs.

Why Go All The Way To Panama

If you have decided to go through a dental surgery in Panama, you can either pay an official visit to a doctor just for an amount of $10, or to get admitted to a private hospital for around $800 inclusive of the facilities and services. The standard of dental care provided in the Panama City is no less when compared to the US facilities but the cost is definitely low. Thus, an effective overseas surgery at a reasonable cost attracts most travelers to this Latin American City.

If you plan to come for a dental surgery in Panama, you can take direct flights to and from Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, New York and other cities. In Panama, some of the best professionals of dental surgery have come together to provide the highest quality dental treatments and services.

A dental surgery in Panama will not cost you the earth. But you can be rest assured that you won’t find any cause for complaint.

See our sample prices below, or contact us to arrange an appointment with an Englsih speaking dentist in Panama, and save on your cosmetic or needed dental work.







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