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Real estate in Central America is an interesting market as of late. Foreign investors have, in recent years, taken quite a liking to countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Belize, and others. This is due to a number of factors regarding this area of the world. The proximity to the United States, for one, makes Central America an ideal locale for North Americans seeking a getaway spot to spend vacations, retirement, or to live in general.

Costa Rica and Panama have several qualities in common which make each an attractive choice for the potential investor abroad. Some of these factors include their political stability, their ideal climates, and, of course, the reasonable prices for real estate in these areas. In reference to the political stability, both are democracies. Neither have standing armies, which seems give the weary investor a sense of security that property values should remain steady or increase because of a lack of potential for times of war that often drive investment out.

There are many individual projects underway in both Panama and Costa Rica. These projects range from small to grand, from inexpensive apartment complexes, to luxury condominiums. Buyers can also enjoy the diversity in geographic locales in Costa Rica and Panama. Whether one’s tastes mandate beachfront homes, or eternal springtime temperatures as found in mountainous areas, each country in Central America has something a bit different.

Panama real estate in specific draws more and more attention to itself each year. Areas like Bocas del Toro, Panama City, Chiriqui, and Boquete, for example, seem to be thriving in terms of a perceived economic opportunity for thousands of outside investors. Boquete Panama has become more popular each year for those seeking retirement in Panama. Boquete real estate seems to include something for even the pickiest investor.

Boquete Panama is located in the highlands of western Panama. One industry that is rightly lacking in Boquete is the air conditioning and heating companies, as average temperatures hover between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit on a yearly basis. Boquete is located in a mountainous region of Panama, approximately 3,000 feet above sea level. For the ambitious climber, there are several taller peaks in the area, some peaking out at around 11,000 feet above sea level. For these reasons and many more Boquete Panama draws more investors each day.

Boquete real estate is quite affordable, given its distance from the oceans. Coastal properties are notorious for being more expensive, even in Panama. Panama real estate, and Boquete real estate in general offer extensive options for potential buyers. Already finished houses can be found for around 70 or 80 thousand US dollars, whereas US style homes can be built for approximately $45 per square foot. This, paired with the low cost of living, draws many foreigners to Boquete Panama and Boquete real estate.

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