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Central America and the Caribbean are tropical paradises that draw millions annually to enjoy the warm weather, plethora of things to do, and relatively stable political environments. The Spanish heritage is infused within each country, but each also retains its own sense of identity. Central America and the Caribbean have been experiencing, for the most part, growth in multiple sectors. Some of these sectors include education, construction, tourism, and real estate, to speak of a few. The Central American isthmus has a very unique geography that places its inhabitants between two oceans within a narrow strip of land. This makes possible countless outdoor activities, and gives the area a certain tropical climate conducive to these activities.

Often when people refer to Central America and the Caribbean, they completely separate the two. In reality, many Central American countries contain separate and distinct cultures within their borders; one on the Pacific side, and the other on the Caribbean side of the country.

Economic gain from real estate in Central America and the Caribbean has increased, overall, throughout the last several years. This increase can be attributed to the opening of these various countries to outside investment, in terms of real estate, and trade. CAFTA also opened countries to free trade with the economic giants of the world including the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia, and elsewhere. In particular Costa Rica and Panama have shown strong recent gains in the real estate sector.

Costa Rica and Panama both contain distinct Pacific and Caribbean cultures within the countries. Though the majority of Costa Ricans live in the city of San Jose – in the country’s central valley – there are thriving cities on the Caribbean side of the country. A couple examples of these types of cities would include Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, and Puerto Limon. A very strong afro-Caribbean presence dominates Puerto Limon and alike, offering tourist and potential investors a different view of Costa Rica.

Property within the Pacific regions also offers potential investors many options to make money, or live peacefully, happily, and affordably. One example would be Boca Brava, located in Chiriqui, Panama. Boca property includes beachfront property that makes most investors mouths water. There is Boca property available in the form of vacant lots, ready to be developed.

Boca Chica is another nice area available to potential investors. An increase in retirement by the current US demographic has fuelled investment in this type of areas within Panama. Boca property can range in prices, which some are negotiable where others aren’t.

Central America and the Caribbean, as well as the Pacific are areas of the world that investors have been selecting as of reason years. Whether is Boca property within Panama, or property found within the Limon province of Costa Rica, investment is up and is predicted to increase as the years pass.

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