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Living in Panama might be the smartest decision that you could make. And you’re not alone; there are more that 15,000 American citizens currently living in Panama. Such a large number is not really too surprising since the Panama Canal was controlled by the US until 2000 and during this control, the country became very Americanized due to the strong US presence. In addition, Americans have realized that retirement living in Panama is a great opportunity to enjoy the retirement years in a country that is very exciting, yet extremely affordable. In 2005, Panama topped International Living’s Retirement Index as the best retirement location for the sixth straight year.

Such an accomplishment has put living in Panama in a different light. Always considered a beautiful tropical location, Panama now enjoys the distinction of being a top tourist destination, a desirable country for business and a living in Panama after retirement is tops for six straight years. The reasons for living in Panama include: climate, Panama City, casual lifestyle and retirement benefits.

Tired of the cold, living in Panama will be perfect for you. The tropical climate of Panama is always warm, even during “winter” or rainy season. If hot weather is a bit much for you, the spring-like climate in Boquete may be just the answer. In 2001, Modern Maturity magazine named Boquete the 4th most desirable place in the world for retirement living because, in part, of its great climate.

Panama City
Living in Panama City is an incredible experience. It is home to an impressive skyline, somewhat reminiscent of Miami. It is the only city in the world which contains a rain forest, and it is the home of the Panama Canal. The shopping is world-class, and the prices for many items are much cheaper than the US or Europe.

Casual Lifestyle
Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? The hour-long commute each way to work? Life in Panama offers an alternative, laid-back, way of life. While there are plenty of hard-working people living in Panama, the tropical lifestyle is more casual, and in turn, a little more pleasant.

Retirement Benefits
Ever want someone to cater to you because of who you are? Well, living in Panama as a retiree offers you just that opportunity. The government of Panama wants you in their tropical paradise, and they are ready to roll out the red carpet of benefits to you. These benefits include:

NO TAXES on your property for 15 years
Insurance costs below average
Health care equal to the U.S
Tax Exemption to import a car every 2 years
Import tax exemption for Furniture, appliances and fixtures up to $10,000
50% off discount in movie theaters, and cultural and sporting events
30% discount on train, bus, and boat transportation
15% discount on loans made in your name
1% reduction on home mortgages for personal use
25% reduction on your water, telephone and electricity bills (off base unit price, not off total bill)
20% discount on doctors visits
50% discount weekdays on hotels, 30% discount on weekends

These and a multitude of other reasons are why living in Panama is perfect for you, especially if you are planning your retirement getaway. So make your plans, your life in Panama is waiting for you!

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